Early Career Health Physicist of the Year

Nominees for this award shall be current CCHPS and HPS members who shall not have reached their 40th birthday prior to January 1st of the calendar year in which the award is made and who were employed within the geographic region covered by the Columbia Chapter Health Physics Society (CCHPS) during the calendar year for which the award is made. The nominees shall have a minimum of three years’ health physics experience. Criteria include excellence in:

  • research or development,
  • discovery or invention,
  • unusual judgment or heroism,
  • teaching or training, and
  • devotion to health physics, or other contributions to the profession of health physics.

2019 Early Career Health Physicist of the Year

James Franz

Jim Franz through the years has proven a high aptitude for leadership amongst HPTs, peers and management. Last year Jim completed his bachelor’s degree and has recently been accepted at OSU to pursue his graduate degree in Health Physics. During this last year, Jim has been the primary RadCon Design reviewer for large scale projects such as LAWPS, TSCR, TBI, DFLAW and other high risk projects being designed to support Waste Feed Delivery. Jim has proven his input is invaluable to design and implementation not only for the radiological aspects, but is constantly sought after for his input from other members of the design review teams because of his understanding and experience in field implementation. Jim consistently overcomes and provides solid solutions for radiological issues encountered during normal high risk evolutions and also takes the time to mentor others on the processes and procedures required to ensure compliance with all regulations as well as maintaining a solid understanding and stance on the ALARA principle. Jim is considered a leader in our profession based on his consistent high level of performance and interaction.

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