Health Physicist of the Year

Nominees for this award shall be applied Health Physicist who were employed within the geographic region covered by the Columbia Chapter Health Physics Society (CCHPS) during the calendar year for which the award is made. The nominees shall have contributed significantly to the field of Health Physics. Criteria include excellence in one or more of the following:

  • research or development,
  • discovery or invention,
  • unusual judgment or heroism,
  • teaching or training, and
  • devotion to health physics, or other contributions to the profession of health physics.

2019 Health Physicist of the Year

Jeff Marks

Mr. Marks is a Health Physicist employed by Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS). He is employed at the 222-S Laboratory located on the Hanford Site. He is the lead radiological control work planner at 222-S. He is responsible for the radiological entry control, ALARA methods and practices, and radiological work planning programs. He has worked in the field of Health Physics for 34 years. He has worked at Hanford site for nearly 25 years of which 4 years has been at 222-S Laboratory. His extensive experience, leadership, and contributions to ALARA principles has resulted in many dose reduction and contamination control practices at the 222-S.

The 222-S Laboratory’s primary purpose is to provide analytical services for the Hanford site. Many of the analytical processes require personnel to handle highly radioactive samples. Controlling extremity exposure from Hanford tank waste is challenging. Taking ownership of this challenge, Mr. Marks has designed, promoted or facilitated the development of multiple tools that have significantly reduced extremity exposure at 222-S. The implementation of the tools have resulted in approximately a 10% reduction in extremity exposure during first year of use. As a radiological work planner Mr. Marks has planned countless low, and many medium and high risk radiological work activities at 222-S without exceeding planned exposure estimates or loss of contamination control.

Mr. Marks has successfully mentored two new radiological work planners over the last three years. His experience, knowledge, and patience has been priceless training these radiological work planners. One planner said “Without reservation, my time spent working alongside Mr. Marks has been the best choice I have made in trying to better my career in the field of Health Physics.” These planners have since planned high risk radiological work at 222-S and the jobs were completed as planned and below dose estimates.

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