Health Physicist of the Year

Nominees for this award shall be applied Health Physicist who were employed within the geographic region covered by the Columbia Chapter Health Physics Society (CCHPS) during the calendar year for which the award is made. The nominees shall have contributed significantly to the field of Health Physics. Criteria include excellence in one or more of the following:

  • research or development,
  • discovery or invention,
  • unusual judgment or heroism,
  • teaching or training, and
  • devotion to health physics, or other contributions to the profession of health physics.

2018 Health Physicist of the Year

Claude Landes

We are proud to have presented Claude Landes (Washington River Protection Solutions) with the Health Physicist of the Year award. Claude has developed waste transfer monitoring plans for waste movement among single shell tanks at the Hanford Tank Farms. The plans documented flow path, dose rates, and shielding analyses. Most of the waste is highly radioactive liquid, and any mishap involving the waste could have catastrophic consequences in terms of worker dose and environmental impact. All of the transfers were successful—the monitoring plans were managed without incident, making Claude well deserving of the Health Physicist of the Year award.

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