Herbert M. Parker Award

This award is given in recognition of technical contribution to the health physics profession. Nominees for this award shall be current HPS members who have participated in Chapter activities and have a minimum of five (5) years of health physics experience. Criteria include accomplishment of fundamental importance to the practice, acceptance, and advancement of the health physics profession; including exceptional accomplishment of service to the health physics profession or the HPS.

In 1989, approval was obtained to include all past, current, and future recipients of the H. M. Parker Award as Lifetime Members of the CCHPS.

2017 Michelle Johnson

2016 Eugene Carbaugh

2007 Bruce Napier

2006 Nancy Kirner

2004 Jerry B. Martin

2003 Melvin R. Sikov

2002 William E. Kennedy, Jr

2001 Judson L. Kenoyer

2000 Jack J. Fix

1999 Leo G. Faust

1998 William J. Bair (d)

1997 William Endres

1996 Dale H. Denham

1995 Fredrick T. Cross

1994 Ronald L. Kathren

1993 Gary F. Boothe

1992 Roger C. Brown

1991 Leo H. Munson

1990 John P. Corley

1989 George E. Backman

1988 Joseph K. Soldat (d)

1987 Wallace P. Howell

1986 Wesley P. Kunkel

1985 William Roesch

1984 Jack M. Selby

1983 Gerald R. Yesberger

1982 Bryce D. Breitenstein

(d) Deceased