John P. Corley Meritorious Service Award

This award is given in special recognition of service as warranted. Nominees for this award shall be current CCHPS members. Candidates shall have provided exemplary service to promote the health physics profession and supported the objectives of the CCHPS. Candidate shall have made significant contributions to the CCHPS, for example through service as an officer, as member of the Executive Council or as a member of a committee.

2019 John P. Corley Meritorious Service Award

Robert English

Bob has been a member of the Columbia Chapter of the Health Physics Society since 2010. In this time, he has held all available offices of the Executive Committee except for Council. Bob has also led the Nominations committee, the Awards Committee, and has helped with the Chapter's social events. In addition, Bob has volunteered his time to many school science fair events. Bob is also responsible for recruiting a number of new members.

2019 Robert English

2006 Paul Rittmann

2005 Mickey M Hunacek

2004 Dale H. Denham

2003 Kathryn H. Pryor

2002 Joseph K. Soldat (d)

2001 Jack M. Selby (d)

2000 Jack M. Selby (d)

1999 George E. Backman (d)

1998 Gerald R. Yesberger

1996 Theresa L. Aldridge

Volunteer of the Year

Recipients of the Society’s ‘Chapter Volunteer Awards’ have been selected by their Chapter in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the accomplishments and long-term success of the Chapter.

This award was discontinued in 2010. Volunteer contributions are included in the criteria for the John P. Corley Meritorious Service Award and there is no longer a separate chapter award.

2010 Paul Rittman

2001 Joel R. Hoyt

2000 Paul S. Stansbury

1999 Joseph K. Soldat (d)

(d) Deceased