Radiation Safety Technologist of the Year

Nominees for this award shall be applied radiation safety technologists who were employed within the geographic region covered by the CCHPS during the calendar year for which the award is made. The nominees shall have a minimum of three (3) years’ experience in radiation safety. Criteria include:

  • professional excellence in health physics, and
  • peer recognition of this proficiency.

2018 Radiation Safety Technologist of the Year

Mike Murphy

Mr. Mike Murphy has been an Health Physics Technician (HPT) at the Hanford Site since January of 1987. He consistently demonstrates, and excels at the qualities an "HPT of the Year'' should possess. He is a demonstrated leader as evidenced by his Lead HPT position he has held for the last 17 years. More importantly, Mr. Murphy is a leader, as evidenced by his work ethic; integrity, and accomplishments while as a Lead HPT.

Over the years, Mr Murphy has developed, corrected, revised, and approved thousands of Radiation Survey Task Descriptions. He ensures the HPTs have a clear understanding and guidance of the surveys that need to be performed, the controls required to perform the surveys, and the exact locations where the surveys need to be performed. He has often been requested to manage the Radioactive Source Program due to his attention to detail, which this program requires. He has been praised by DOE auditors on several occasions for his knowledge and understanding of the procedural requirements for these two high profile areas.

Mr. Murphy exhibits excellence in radiation safety, receives peer recognition for his proficiency in radiation safety, and his supervisor receives many compliments from his customers for his professional attitude and work output.

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