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The Columbia Chapter of Health Physics Society committees are the gateway to becoming involved in CCHPS activities, provide an excellent opportunity for you to network with others in your field, and stay current on emerging issues while contributing to the continuing advancement of the Health Physics field. Feel free to contact a CCHPS officer or committee chair if you have any questions.


The Columbia Chapter of Health Physics Society (CCHPS) holds an awards ceremony each year. At the ceremony, the CCHPS honors individuals who have been selected by the Awards Committee members to be recognized for accomplishments and actions that meet the criteria of one of the CCHPS awards.

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Kyle Maloy (Chair)

Robert English

Terry LaFreniere

Paul Winkler

Long Range Planning

The Long-Range Planning Committee reviews the goals and objectives of the CCHPS and makes recommendations for improving the function and accomplishments of the Chapter.

Ed Wallace (Chair)

CCHPS Strategic Plan 2020

CCHPS Strategic Plan 2021


The Membership Committee actively seeks out appropriate prospective members in the geographical area of interest to the CCHPS, reviews applications for membership in the Chapter making recommendations for acceptance or rejection to the Executive Council, maintains an accurate mailing list of the membership and publishes the Membership Handbook.

Vacant (Chair)

Earl Fordham

Michelle Kovach

Alden Ryno

George Tabatadze


The Nominating Committee selects nominees for elective chapter offices, national society elective offices, and national society standing committees.

Christopher Royce (Chair)

Public Information & Education

The Public Information and Education Committee is responsible for supplying information on radiation protection to news media, other professional, governmental, business, and public groups. 

Additionally the committee is responsible for training within the membership, affirmative action, assisting in other educational activities in the field of radiation protection and coordinating related activities among Chapter Committees.

The committee is further broken down into the following subcommittees:

Cheryl Antonio (Chair)

Earl Fordham (Chair, CCHPS Scholarship)

Ed Wallace (Chair, Parker Scholarship)

Claude Landes (Chair, Science Fair)

Kevin Konzen (HP Refresher Course Coordinator)


The Program Committee provides speakers, and/or prepares program materials for presentation at all CCHPS technical and social meetings other than those expressly for business purposes.

Todd Davidson (Chair)

Maia Avtandilashvili

Daniel Strom

Publicity & Communication

The Publicity and Communication Committee has the responsibility for soliciting and assembling information of interest to the Chapter and editing, publishing and distributing the Chapter Newsletter.

Vacant (Chair)

George Tabatadze (Website editor/Webmaster)

Ronald Kathren (Condolences)

George Tabatadze (Newsletter editor)


The Scholarship Committee supports the Columbia Chapter of Health Physics Society’s goal to promote health physics as a profession. To support this goal, the Scholarship Committee solicits and selects candidates for CCHPS scholarships.

CCHPS awards scholarship to a student in a health physics-related educational path at an accredited institution. Eligible fields of study include, but are not limited to: radiation protection; nuclear engineering; x-ray/nuclear medicine; or health physics certification.

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Earl Fordham (Chair, CCHPS Scholarship) - website

Ed Wallace (Chair, Parker Scholarship) - website

Sandi McInturff

Parker Foundation Board Liaison

George Tabatadze

Tri-City Technical Council

Richard Pierson

Paul Winkler